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by | 30 Apr 2020 | Uncategorized

Manu Sotelo talks on Instagram Live

If there is something this lockdown is providing us with is lot of time to enjoy our training. For instance, the chat we had with Manu Sotelo via social media.



Now we show you some of the most interesting minutes of the chat:

4:00. Is the language a handicap when coaching? Was it most difficult for you to coach in Qatar than in England?

6:20. When it comes to coach, what are the differences between Spain and England?

14:30. Can we trigger when coaching similar emotions to those the goalkeeper will face in a match?

34:00. Is it important to include the goalkeeper in the drills with the team during the training stage?

45:00. Within the session or microcycles, what percentage is spent to analytic work or other types of methods?