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International Course for Goalkeeper Coaches


Second payment. Total 337€

Are you looking for a Goalkeeping Course that suits your needs and brings you the value you need?

!You are in the right place!

Through this course, you will progress in your training sessions, reinforce your knowledge, and boost your career as a Goalkeeper Coach.

In a very particular way, we will:

  • Deepen and analyze the current role of the soccer goalkeeper.
  • Sequence and structure the characteristics to work on the keepers’ physical fitness.
  • Set technical patterns for different situations we will find during the competition.
  • Develop the goalkeeper’s reading of the game (ability to perceive, interpret, decide and execute)
  • And we will show you the most successful current methodologies.


Teaching project:Training and performance

Methodology: By modules and with certificate

Teaching staff: Qualified professionals

Calendar: Flexible 24h 7 days a week





This course is a worldwide reference in the area of goalkeeper training. More than 10,000 coaches around the world have already profited from our courses, mentorings and articles.

Everything is designed based on our own experience as goalkeeper coaches and supported by prestigious international coaches.
We bring you the latest training updates, show you the different methodologies from the most successful coaches worldwide, and analyze their methodological strategies, physical and technical patterns. All this is accompanied by action plans and hundreds of exercises that we have personally tested. But above all, we show you how to adjust them to your personal circumstances so that everything you do with us positively impacts you.


Course Syllabus

Access all the presentations already recorded and do them at your own pace.

Enjoy the learning process!

✔️ 1. The five Ages of Goalkeeping // Hans Leitert

✔️ 2. Physical training and methodology proposal // Sergio Gómez Carrero

✔️ 3. Defensive Tactics // Borja Fernández Freiría

✔️ 4. Analysis of defensive tactical behaviors in training and competition // Jose Mª Ochotorena

✔️ 5. Attacking play of the goalkeeper (Building up play) // Jyri NieminenJyri Nieminen

✔️ 6. Expected goals. An approach of measuring goalkeepers performance // Olivier OssowskiOlivier Ossowski

✔️ 7. A week as a professional GKC // Pablo Moreno Martínez

✔️ 8. Psychological intervention with goalkeepers // Fran Herruzo Torres



What will you achieve during this course?

  • You will learn the tactical principles for goalkeepers and get the tools to master any soccer situation in your daily training sessions.
  • You will be a better goalkeeping coach than you already are. You will understand and analyze in the first person the working methodologies of goalkeeping coaches from teams such as Valencia CF, Spanish National Team, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Athletic Club, Bayern Munich, and many other clubs. Discover them!
  • You will become an expert when it comes to analyzing the game. Mastering the different phases of the game should be mandatory for every goalkeeping coach, but this training will take that analysis to the next level. We will talk and reflect on everything that soccer demands from the goalkeeper: positioning, body orientations, interpretations, references, space-time…
  • You will be able to create your own work methodology. You will unconsciously change your way of understanding goalkeeper training. All of this, thanks to the contribution of our teachers and their continuous 100% practical reflections.

Who is this course for?

  • For Goalkeeping coaches with years of experience

You have been looking for a course that provides you with new tools and principles to make a difference in your own methodology

  • For Goalkeeping coaches with little experience

You want to create a proper methodological base, a solid foundation that allows you to improve the concepts, training options, knowledge, and skills you work with your goalkeepers

  • For Goalkeepers

Once we retire as goalkeepers, every goalkeeping coach thinks he could have been a better goalkeeper. Why? Because we have learned the most important basics about how to play, stop, and compete. Don’t wait any longer and focus on how you can improve your performance!

  • Any other person

You want to learn, develop, perfect or master how a goalkeeper lives, what he thinks, how he acts, how he performs… Who knows, maybe one day, you will decide to become a great goalkeeping coach.