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by | 23 Mar 2017 | Uncategorized

Victor Valdes in an interview that invites reflection


For many goalkeeping coaches, Victor Valdes has provided us with many reflections in his performances in green. However, this time we do not want to miss the opportunity to bring you this reflection of life that gives us out of the goal.

As goalkeeping coaches, we sometimes forget that we deal with people and leave aside the real “I”. Person. We try to focus on the merely technical, in doing all the work I have planned. But: Where is everything else? Where is it to know who and how is the person in front of me? Do we know the nude of his personal life? How he thinks? What do you need?

For a goalkeeping coach it is vital to create an emotional bond with their goalkeepers. Just like it is necessary for the goalkeeper to open. Understand that we are not there to judge you and that we want to accompany you in your process from the “affection”.

It is difficult to see a player and more active showing his life, his thoughts, his present and future intentions, his desires … And what he has meant, means and will mean for his profession. It is true that some do it, they grant occasional interviews and talk. But Victor, who for nothing we consider a person “different” but an uncle with clear ideas and shown as such, once again shows us how “simple” it is to feel, digest, live, learn and follow your own path that one decides to continue DISCOVERING.