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by | 11 Nov 2019 | Uncategorized

9 exercises with elastic bands to improve the goalkeeper’s strength


We can perform tasks with a complementary strength-resistance component by using elastic bands. The elastic bands can be affixed to work at different levels and observe all the force vectors. If the elastic bands are tensed, they will follow every movement until it stops and returns to the original state, where it will not put up any resistance. Also, the weight of the elastic bands is almost none, so they allow infinite work possibilities both in the gym and the pitch.

To see the application to goalkeeping training, in the following video we propose different drills focused on footwork and impulse and, in some cases, combinations with eye-hand coordination elements and right-left shifts movements mastering. In these drills we use the elastic band as a complement, not as a final progression of a specific type of task. We will always devise drills with different levels of footwork and performances… but always keeping in mind that we need to train the footwork that the goalkeeper will perform in the goal. The aim of these exercises is to be as close as possible of the real competition and game.

We can include these types of drills in activations before the training, warmups, specific strength tasks… depending on the aim of the task, we must take into account the number of repetitions and series. We must stress the performance. We must not carry on the drills any which way, but control the movements very carefully and always keeping the body balance. Otherwise, we will not be meeting the aim of the task and we could even undermine the physical integrity of the goalkeeper by causing an injury.

When practising any sports activity, we must always have a very good understanding of the exercises. If not, we must find somebody with detailed knowledge about it, so we master the task and not the other way around. If we don’t know how to use the sport equipment properly, it may cause injuries. That’s why we warn you: if you do not have specific expertise regarding Sport Science, rely on your team coaches!